Unstable began in Long Beach, New York in 1993 when brothers Jason and Phillip Eubanks began playing music collectively. With Phil on drums, and Jason on guitar, they started out covering Nirvana and continued learning their craft. Joined shortly afterward by family friends T.J. Stanford on vocals, and Matt Hoffman on bass, they began writing original music, which stemmed from a number of different influences. While still in high school, the group performed throughout Long Island, and created a hype about their versatile sound. Upon graduation of high school, all four members put the band on hiatus to pursue a number of different interests. T.J. moved to his native Trinidad for four years, Jason graduated Stony Brook College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Phillip graduated C.W. Post with a degree in Art Education, and Matt Hoffman during this time decided to permanently retire from playing music.

The hiatus ended in 2005, and Unstable reformed initially without a bass player, but hired SK on rhythm guitar. With all education pursuits accomplished, the band reformed with a more serious attitude, and hired Jason and Phillip's brother Jonathan Armak as the full time bass player and backing vocalist. Immediately afterward, the band hit the studio for 2 years, writing what would become their first E.P., and official release, "Versatile". The E.P. was self recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, and engineered by the band. Versatile was released in September 28th, 2009, and that night the band returned to the stage for the first time in seven years, playing in front of a sold out crowd at D.J. Ryders in Oceanside, New York. In support of Versatile, they played 15 dates throughout New York over the course of the next five months. After the tour, the band and SK split ways, and announced they would continue on as a four piece.

While supporting Versatile, the band was already at work with their first full length release. Starting with reworking two songs originally written for Versatile, the group finished writing the record in March of 2010. The album, recorded between March and June of 2010 was once again self recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, and engineered by the band. The album was eventually named "Roaming Through Chaos", with the idea that the record takes the listener on a journey through the chaotic music of Unstable. Released on October 30th, 2010, that night performing in front of a sold out crowd at Jugs and Strokers in Merrick, New York, the band followed up the release with the "Roaming Through New York" Tour, playing 20 shows throughout various areas of New York over the following three months.

Currently the band is writing the next chapter in their history, with their third release in the works. Written between January of 2011, and June of 2012, it is the most diligently worked on album the band has created to date. The album is currently being recorded, and may prove to be the strongest release from the band to date. As the band does its own recording, producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering, no set date yet exists for the release. However make no mistake, the masters of musical innovation are alive, well, and are ready to take the world into the next chapter of Unstable. Are you ready?